Christine Hunaban 

Chrissy Hunaban Originally from Malvern , spent 10 years living in New Zealand  where I started off selling my art at the Nelson Craft market . Shortly after I had interest from gallery's in NZ where I still send and sell my art work today. I was inspired by the NZ houses, rolling hills, their wackiness and so called my studio 'Wacky House Studio'. 

I came back to Malvern in 2015 where I have continued to paint.

I am inspired by colour and enjoy painting art that continues to be a bit Wacky.

'I'm Home'

'Owl's Retreat'

'Moon lit on happy street'

'Walking Home'

'Little Gift'

'Mamma's Washing Day'

'Happy Valley'

'Bird House'

Origional work now available at Brimstone Gallery and Gifts!