Starting at an early age art was always going to be an important part of my life. However, on leaving school it would be as a musician that my focus would lie for several years until the pull of art took hold and I concentrated my efforts towards a career in painting. I didn't seek formal education, choosing instead to become a self taught artist. This allowed me the freedom to discover new techniques using a wide range of materials, and through the process I developed my own style.

I work from my home studio which is littered with sketches some I use straight away, some are put to one side, while others will never see the light of day. Before I begin putting paint to canvas, I transfer my chosen sketch to the computer where I can work on it in more detail. I use acrylic paint which I prefer for its fast drying time.

I am often asked where I get my inspiration and the truth of the matter is that with most artist it can come from anywhere and in any form.

My work can be found at the Rowbury Gallery, Dartmouth and The Ocean Gallery, St Ives. It is also available through my publisher, Ocean Publishing.

Welcome to my world and enjoy.

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